Best Tech Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones

Give your loved ones the gift of technology this holiday season. Instead of jewelry or fragrant candles, give them something they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Tech-friendly gifts are an excellent way to help your friends or family save money and time. But before you purchase, ensure the product is compatible with their devices; read through the packaging and product description thoroughly to guarantee your present will fit perfectly.

Smart Mugs with Temperature Control

Do your friends appreciate coffee at just the right temperature? This smart mug will certainly please them. It can maintain that perfect temperature up to an hour and also includes a charging coaster for long-term storage.

Air Purifier for Clean Air

Lungs are essential to our overall wellbeing, so it’s essential that we breathe in the purest air possible. This air purifier eliminates up to 99 percent of dust particles, odors and harmful microorganisms from indoor air in her home.

This amazing tech gift for mom features a timer and remote that she can set up quickly, so she can cook dinner without stress for her family with ease. This is one of the best tech gifts she’ll be sure to appreciate for years to come.

Portable Photo Printer

Perfect for those wanting to print photos on their own or gather friends together for a photo session, this portable printer is the ideal tech gift. It connects wirelessly to her smartphone via Bluetooth and produces prints in seconds – sharing them instantly with family and friends, or customizing the prints with frames or stickers. Plus, she’ll have everything she needs at her fingertips!

Digital Photo Frame

For those special people in your life who have many family photos, this digital photo frame will make them proud to showcase them on the wall. It’s simple to use and add new pictures, so she can proudly showcase all her favorite moments with family on a daily basis.

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller

If the recipient of your gift enjoys console-grade gaming, they’ll love this iPhone accessory. It has all of the buttons and triggers necessary for successful gameplay on-the-go, plus it even has a Lightning connector so that you can keep gaming even when traveling.

Beyond that, it comes with a companion app and standard audio jack. For gamer enthusiasts, this unique gift is an ideal way to show them how much you care.

PureVis Water Bottle

Are your loved one is always forgetting to clean their water bottles? Look no further than this sleek bottle featuring an integrated UV-C light that kills bacteria and germs quickly. Plus, it’s BPA-free so they can drink from it without worrying about putting toxic chemicals into their body.

Dodow Sleep Coach

Are you aware of anyone trying to improve their nightly sleep? This device could be the ideal tech gift. It uses a metronome-type system for helping users fall asleep quickly and works with a smartphone app.