Side Effects of Phone Radiation

In May 2011, the World Health Organization classified RF radiation (radiofrequency energy) emitted by mobile phones as potentially carcinogenic for humans due to an increased risk for glioma, a type of brain cancer. But research into potential health effects caused by exposure to this electromagnetic field has been extensive and complex; it is still ongoing today.

International consensus currently states that RF radiation from mobile phones does not cause cancer nor promote tumor growth, but it may cause long-term health issues like headaches and neurological conditions. Despite this, many people remain concerned about potential side effects due to phone radiation exposure.

Cellphones emit radiofrequency radiation when turned on and connected to a base station. This radiation is constantly being absorbed by the body, potentially leading to various health issues and conditions.

Avoid holding your cell phone against your head and face when making or receiving calls, texts, or using an app for emails or tweets. If you must hold it in these positions, invest in a high-quality headset or speakerphone to reduce exposure to RF radiation.

It’s wise to keep your cell phone away from your mouth when eating, as saliva absorbs electromagnetic energy. Furthermore, if there is poor wireless reception – such as in a subway or airport – turn off the device until the connection is stronger.

Sleeping with a cell phone next to your head is not recommended, as it increases exposure to RF radiation throughout the night. To minimize exposure during this time, try switching your phone off airplane mode or setting it down several feet away from you body to reduce RF exposure during sleep.

Be wary of’shields’ that claim to protect you from radio frequency radiation (RF) from your cell phone or other devices by reflecting or blocking it. Unfortunately, these’shields’ actually increase your exposure to RF energy by amplifying the frequency of signals coming from the device and by raising its SAR values (radiofrequency radiation levels).

When it comes to avoiding the health hazards caused by RF radiation, the best advice is to limit your usage of all electronics and stay as far away from them as possible. By following the 10 steps in this guide, you can live a much healthier life!

Sleeping more is the most effective way to combat cell phone exposure, yet it can be challenging. In the rush of a busy day, it may be tempting to grab your phone for that important call or text message; however, this could prove a costly mistake if you’re trying to increase slumber.

Another common misstep is sleeping with your phone on your nightstand or under your pillow, which increases exposure even further. That’s because the device emits RF radiation throughout the night, which may have long-term health repercussions.