Protecting Your Eyes From Computer Screen Strain

When working on a computer, browsing the internet or playing on your phone, there are a few steps you can take to protect your eyes from digital eye strain.

1. Reduce Eyestrain by Repositioning Your Screen:

You can reduce the likelihood of eyestrain by positioning your computer screen at the lowest possible height for your eye level. This will give your muscles a rest and prevent tension that could cause pain, irritation or strain in the future.

2. Utilize a Blue Light Filter:

If you spend extended periods staring at your computer screen, there’s likely that the amount of blue light coming into your eyes has increased significantly. Many modern devices now come equipped with features which automatically alter the color temperature to shield against harmful rays. This can have detrimental effects on eye health.

3. Blink Every Five Seconds:

Your eyes need to blink approximately 15-20 times per minute in order to spread tears over them and keep them lubricated. This is especially crucial when using a computer because text against background, flickering screens, and glare can all lead to eye strain.

4. Take Breaks:

While working, remember to take frequent breaks from your screen and look away for 20 seconds or so at something other than directly in front of you. Doing this helps transition your eyes from short- to long-range vision, which may reduce digital eye strain.

5. Adjust Your Lighting:

Office lights often create an uncomfortable environment for workers’ eyes. Dimming the lights in your workspace will go a long way toward keeping those precious eyes healthy and comfortable.

6. Reduce Glare:

Computers and mobile screens, no matter their stunning visual appeal, can create significant amounts of glare that may cause eye strain and fatigue. If you’re feeling the effects of glare, try investing in an anti-glare matte screen to minimize it when using your device.

7. Regular Screen Cleans:

It is important to regularly clean your screen to prevent dust accumulation and eye strain. A monitor-safe micro cloth is an effective solution for this.

8. Alter the Brightness:

How bright your screen appears can have an effect on how strain your eyes feel. You can reduce eye strain by turning down the backlight, altering color temperature or using a blue-light filter to enhance visibility.

9. Limit Contact Lens Wear Time:

While you don’t have to completely give up contact lenses, it is wise to limit their usage. Leaving them in for too long can cause irritation and dry eyes.

10. Maintain Comfort Level of Your Computer:

As we age, our body’s natural response to heat decreases. This can lead to discomfort when sitting for prolonged periods of time in air-conditioned offices; if you find yourself doing this frequently, consider investing in a humidifier or fan for added comfort.