Work as an escort if you enjoy Foot Fetishes

Being very skilled when it comes to feet. Foot Fetish escorts indeed love to give and receive a foot massage, among many other things. Be it kissing, sucking or even smelling – Whatever your preference and whether you love to give it or receive it (or both) you will find fetish escorts of plenty who will really hit the spot for you.  

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Furthermore, if you have a request to do with a certainly type, or colour, of shoes, or even the nail polish that your chosen foot fetish escorts  re wearing, please feel free to make such requests at the time of booking. The foot fetish escort girls will be more than happy to oblige in any and every way they possibly can to make your encounters with them the epitome of perfection! 

A foot fetish, also known as podophilic, is a more common fetish among men, than it is women. It is simply an attraction or sexual interest in feet – However it does not have to be the whole foot. For example, it can be simply toes or the arches of the feet. Bare feet, a certain type of shoes, socks or even stockings can be included in a foot fetish. Indeed, those who study fetishes found that feet and / or objects associated with feet are the most liked fetishes of all – So, if you are embarrassed about your fetish – You really do not need to be, that is for sure! 

Foot fetish escort girls understand that everyone is different and even though someone has the same category of fetish as another client, how they like to act out this fetish can differ greatly. They are experienced in the knowing of giving and receiving whatever it is that you desire, when it comes to feet and absolutely love to hear the ideas, in which you might have for them. 

Our agency escorts for foot fetish experiences truly offer a multi-sensory experience to their clients satisfying not only your fetish for feet, but your mind and entire body in the process. They are for sure exceptionally impressive and knowledgeable girls who will make you wanted, cared for and attended to. 

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