The Famous Actress Who Did It On Screen

Whether it is a real deal or just acting, people get so involved when it comes to sex. It is one of those that most of find it hard to control. Some might have experienced it with your sex partners. They will be very calm in general. But their character will have complete makeover when it comes to sex. They will become so wild and do unimaginable things. It is because they cannot control themselves. This happens not only with normal people; it has also happened with celebrities. Here is the list of the actress who lost their control and actually did it on screen.

Mila Kunis

This adorable Russian beauty is a name that you might have not expected in this list. It is said that the scene with Natalie Portman in Black Swan was definitely more than acting.  It was something that happened at the moment. That was one scene that men and women both lost their minds and raised the heat in the room. This might also be the reason for the breaking of the marriage between her and Ashton Kutcher.

Sharon Stone

Basic Instinct was one of the must-watch films of the nineties. The movie created a huge buzz all over the world. Sharon Stone the hot blonde made sure that she receives all the attention in the world. Those VHS tapes were really damaged a lot by playing the scenes again and again. Michael Douglas was one lucky dude to have shot with one of the hottest actresses in the industry.

Maria Bello

The scene from A History of Violence is definitely one of the most unforgettable scenes because of the vibe that it creates. The entire plot of the movie is that an ex-gangster is trying to forget his past and move on with his life and struggling to support his family. In the meantime, people from his past life are trying to do some things against him and his family. When he kills them, he feels bad about it. To make things better his wife tries to seduce him into sex in a cheerleader outfit. The sex scene after that is so real. No one will believe that it is choreographed.

Demi Moore

Disclosure has one of the best sex scenes of all time. The two who were involved in the scene are some of the most celebrated actors in the film industry. It was hot looking Demi Moore and the talented Michael Douglas. Demi Moore plays the hot boss who wants some action with her employee Michael Douglas. In the beginning, he resists but eventually gives up after she gives some head. There were no second thoughts on the fact about the reality of the scene. Even though he stops and resists again that scene was more than enough to tell a lot of things.