Advice Given By A Male Escort

A man who moonlights as an escort but is a model by day has some advice to the ones who are aspiring to become escorts themselves. Firstly he was asked a couple of questions, and the answers he has given is like he is imparting wisdom to the young escorts of today. He says being a male escort is a lot of fun; he gets to have anonymous sex with his clients, who are fun, energetic and also clean, to his luck.

Here are a couple of questions that he was asked:

How does someone get into this kind of a profession?

“I just tried it once when I was really into modeling. I was young, had the body, and the time, so I just gave it a shot. And it worked out. My first escorting job was to spend an evening with a guy, hang out with him as his friend. That’s what we did, we went to watch a movie, played a sweaty game of basketball and by the end of the match he was all over me. We later went to a motel room for some fun activities which you can guess. I realized I actually enjoyed myself and made upwards of $400 in one night, so I just continued seeing the same client and yeah, that’s how I became an escort.

He was the sweetest and kindest guy I had met, the mistake that occurred was that we started having feelings for one another which complicated the situation, later on, we just started dating, and of course, I could not take money from him anymore, and I could not sleep with anyone else either. What you can take from this is that if you are an escort, keep your professional life separate from your personal life. It does not end well if those two mix.”

What’s your sexuality and does it affect your job?

“I am happy that I am bisexual, because I am required to be intimate with both men and women, so my sexuality greatly helps me here. Plus I do enjoy myself a lot. If you are a straight escort, you can have rules, but you should be ready to have sexual relations with the same sex. Same applies if you are a homosexual escort, you have to open to engaging with both the genders, you can tell your clients what you are okay with and what you want to avoid doing.”

What kind of clients do you see?

“I usually choose my clients based on their personalities, and boring clients are a snooze for me, I tend to have a very good time, and also I put all my efforts on clients who have a sense of wit and humor. That’s actually what turns me on.”

What happens when the night is over?

“When all is done, if the client is comfortable with my presence, I stay, and we either cuddle or just stay up and talk. Sometimes they ask me to leave, so I thank them for a good time and leave. I don’t overstay my welcome. I make sure the client is as comfortable as I can make them.”

He does believe there are some rules that you have to set for yourself.

You should not get enticed by the sight of money and agree to do whatever the client wants you to. That can be harmful and toxic to you. He says that you need to put your physical and mental health first, you need to prioritize your well being over money. And only accept decent clients who at the end of the day just want your company and some fun sexual activities.

These are what you young aspiring escorts can take away from these experiences. I hope this was helpful.